WINDOO The innovative system of natural ventilation for barns and industrial buildings.

Why choose WINDOO

Discover the benefits derived from the installation of this system


because the quality of the internal microclimate improves animal welfare and therefore production


because more comfort means higher productivity and more eco-sustainability means lower running costs


because it is possible to access national or European funds for innovative and eco-sustainable solutions


here’s what WINDOO is and how it works

What is WINDOO

Windoo is a cover with openings placed along the roof, below which are placed canals for the collection of atmospheric agents (such as rain). We have verified its functioning through computer simulations (for more in-depth, see CFD), obtaining surprising results.

Windoo with walkable metal grilles

A grille on the openings was considered to support the weight of the snow, thus allowing a reduction of the underlying canals required, consequently lowering construction costs. Below are some images of WINDOO functioning simulation with the grid and without wind. Compared to the first simulation contained in the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis, it is evident how the grid allows a greater outbound air flow distribution without any pressure drop.

How does it work

WINDOO is a roofing system based on natural ventilation. An animal that eats and moves around, as well as a worker or a working machine, warm the air in the immediate vicinity. A traditional cover would block the hot air and the harmful substances contained within, generating an unhealthy atmosphere, with a consequent increase in temperature and humidity. WINDOO instead, using the combination of chimney effect and convection process, allows the exhausted air to escape through special openings (over 30% of the roof surface against 8% of a traditional barn), thus avoiding the increase of temperature, humidity and harmful gases inside the building.

Di seguito le immagini della CFD di Windoo con la griglia.


We have obtained WINDOO’s patent recognition at the international level.
Here are the reference numbers:


Publication EP 3332176 dated 13/06/2018


Israeli Patent Application No. 257351


U.S. National stage patent Application no. 15/750,355 dated 02/08/2018


number 102015000041988 and granted on 17/01/2018

Windoo advantages

Here are some Windoo figures to better understand its benefits (the numbers are indicative and vary depending on the type of building and / or external conditions)


+ Air Velocity


+ Natural Light


+ Comfort

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